SOMIC America prepares for first time exhibition at PACK EXPO East

January 16, 2020 – Manufacturers of retail, food and beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical and other such type products can expect to find a flexible, end-of-line retail-ready packaging machine to fit their needs when SOMIC America exhibits for the first time at PACK EXPO East (booth 628), March 3-5 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

SOMIC has introduced at the last PACK EXPO events held in Chicago and Las Vegas two new machines that originated from the popular and successful 424 T2 (D) multi-purpose, retail-ready case packer system. SOMIC officials will explain how Fortune 500 worldwide brands and others are achieving impressive results and extraordinary savings from this machine, in addition to the newer SOMIC-FLEXX III and ReadyPack.

A high performance and fast system utilizing decentralized servo drives, the 424 T2 (D) can collate up to 600 products per minute depending on the size of the items. It can carton up to 35 cases in the same amount of time. With the flexibility to assemble it with individual format tools for a wide range or product dimensions, the 424 T2 (D) can collate, group and package products in open display trays, or trays with covers and wraparound cases.

The SOMIC-FLEXX III is a new concept combining the ability to pack primary packages in a flat, nested position or a standing display orientation at fast speeds using the latest generation of industrial automation from Rockwell International.

The SOMIC-FLEXX III is designed for both single and multi-component packaging; one-piece corrugated blanks for standard wraparound shipping cases and as a two-piece tray hood for retail-ready presentations. Thus, stand-up pouches, flow packs, rigid containers and other items can be collated, grouped and packed in a variety of formats, giving the manufacturer any number of options.

The SOMIC ReadyPack is a smaller format version of the 424 T2 (D). A customized solution for shelf-ready packages with user-friendly capabilities and greater affordability, it is an excellent entry-level case packing system equipped with Rockwell Automation. ReadyPack collates, cartons and closes like the others but operates at a slower pace by design. With a collating capacity of 160 products per minute, it will case up to 18 packaged units per minute as a tray packer and 12 per minute as a wraparound model.

Learn more about all three of these machines by stopping by booth 628 and speaking with a SOMIC representative. For more information, visit

David Young joins SOMIC as Operations Manager

November 13, 2019 – Having an experienced workforce often is a key factor to success in helping young companies grow, and it is one of the qualifications that led to David Young being named the new Operations Manager for SOMIC America. Tasked with the responsibility to oversee all aftermarket services, he reports to Peter Fox, Senior Vice President of Sales.

“David has a world of experience in the manufacturing world. It made him an interesting choice for this position,” said Fox. “He’s a jack-of-all trades and has had success in many different management and supervisory positions. SOMIC America continues to grow, with more customers and greater responsibilities. David is the right person to help us maintain and handle that growth and what lies ahead.”

Young has 29 years of manufacturing experience, including recent Wisconsin stints as the Manager of Operations for an e-Commerce company and as the Sales Manager for a carton manufacturer. He’s also served as a General Manager, Plant Manager, and in other supervisory positions, including as the Fulfillment Manager and partner for a contract manufacturing center.

Handling SOMIC’s aftermarket services, Young will engage customer involvement with oversight of customer technical support and the spare parts division.

“What intrigued me most about joining SOMIC America,” said Young, “was the opportunity to have a noticeable impact on the growth and success of a company. I believe the timing is perfect. With low employment, companies are increasingly turning to automation. SOMIC offers high quality, reliable and fast retail-ready machines with a small footprint, making it a perfect fit for our customers.”

During his free time, Young enjoys attending his children’s sporting events, doing home improvement projects, and devoting time to Junior Achievement. “A personal goal for being a part of Junior Achievement is to advocate for manufacturing as a career in our schools,” he said. “I don’t think it is promoted very well.”

Young is based at SOMIC America’s headquarters in Minnesota. He can be contacted via email:

SOMIC scores at PACK Expo with successful launch of ReadyPack case packing system

October 23, 2019 – The traffic that flowed consistently into SOMIC America’s booth at PACK Expo is proof that interest in automated packaging machinery is strong and continues to grow. SOMIC introduced its new, entry-level ReadyPack end-of-line case packing system at the September 23-25 event in Las Vegas and it struck a chord with show visitors.

“It was a fantastic three days. PACK Expo could not have gone any better for us,” indicated Peter Fox, Senior Vice President of Sales for SOMIC America. “We had well in excess of 100 really solid leads and a quarter of them have led to the exchange of more information. We’ve taken some to the next level and I’m hopeful that we will be able to reach agreement on a few deals in the next 30 to 60 days.”

ReadyPack is a smaller version of SOMIC’s best-selling 424 T2 (D) machine and completely different than the larger SOMIC FLEXX III that was introduced a year ago. ReadyPack is also designed with a slower collating speed. Fox said that and other benefits were well received by the PACK Expo audience.

“The majority of our machines run much faster, typically three to four times quicker. But there is a market segment where high speed is not the main issue,” Fox said. “Most of the people I spoke with at the show were satisfied with its slower pace. They were more impressed with the advanced mechatronics of the machine, including the Rockwell Automation controls. They also gave it high marks for sheer simplicity and user-friendliness.”

ReadyPack precisely collates, groups and cartons products in trays, and open, wraparound, display, and folding cases. It does so with a capacity of 160 products per minute. In tray packer mode, it will case up to 18 packaging units per minute, but accounts for just 12 as a wraparound machine.

At PACK Expo, the compact machine ran pre-packaged pretzel flow packs in a standing upright position. Fox said that generated many questions from those who visited the booth.

“ReadyPack is what I consider a perfect machine for retail, food and beverage and consumer goods manufacturers. There are endless possibilities and that’s what triggered many of the conversations I had,” he said.

“We had a number of cheese manufacturers inquire about it, in addition to coffee and snacks companies. ReadyPack can run a number of items, from standup pouches and flow packs to glass jars and other things. It’s a very versatile machine for single component packaging. That’s why there will be a lot of demand for it in North America.”

Anticipation levels high as SOMIC prepares ReadyPack for PACK Expo launch

September 9, 2019 – SOMIC America (booth US-7346) plans to extend its market reach when the new ReadyPack end-of-line packaging machine makes its North American introduction at PACK Expo, September 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The SOMIC ReadyPack represents the third new machine SOMIC has featured in as many years at PACK Expo. A smaller format version of the standard and popular 424 T2 (D) that was showcased the last time the show was held in Las Vegas two years ago, ReadyPack is a customized solution for shelf-ready packages that offers a reduced footprint, excellent automation and greater affordability.

“This is a simpler application than the 424 T2 (D) and the SOMIC FLEXX III that debuted last year at PACK Expo. But it was designed this way with a purpose,” explained Peter Fox, Senior Vice President of Sales for SOMIC America.

“ReadyPack is a solid, entry-level case packing system with unique benefits and plenty of flexibility. While our last two machines have proven to be popular with our customers, we learned there is room in the marketplace for a machine like ReadyPack. It collates, cartons and closes like the others, and it is equipped with Rockwell Automation controls. It does operate at a slower pace and we have reduced lead times, two things that potential customers had expressed interest in.”

Ideal for retail, food and beverage and consumer goods manufacturers, ReadyPack collates, groups and packages products in trays and a variety of open, wraparound, display and folding cases. Pre-packed products such as standup pouches, flow packs and glass jars are fed separately and grouped as case contents before the grouping is positioned onto the flat case blank. It is then folded around the entire grouping and secured with hot glue. As a wraparound model, the cover is folded and closed.

Depending on the product, ReadyPack has a collating capacity of 160 products per minute. As a tray packer, it will case up to 18 packaging units per minute; the wraparound model delivers 12 units per minute. At PACK Expo, it will be demonstrated as a wraparound running pre-packaged pretzel flow packs in a standing upright position.

“The speed of this machine was viewed as a positive at our Open House event in Germany four months ago,” said Fox about the group of nearly 150 packaging industry executives from the United States and around the world who attended. “People are used to seeing our other machines running at speeds three or four times faster, but they liked the simplicity and user-friendly capabilities.

“This will be our fifth PACK Expo and I am looking forward to the response ReadyPack will get in Las Vegas,” summed up Fox. “For single component packaging, it is hard to find another machine with advanced mechatronics at this price.”

Make plans now to visit the SOMIC booth on the upper floor of the South Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you want to schedule an appointment, please email Mr. Fox:

SOMIC America increases sales team staff with addition of Tim Howell

August 29, 2019 – Keeping with its goal of bolstering the sales and service teams as business expands, SOMIC America has hired Tim Howell as its new East Coast Sales Manager. He will be based in New Jersey and report to Peter Fox, Senior Vice President of Sales.

In a career than spans nearly 30 years, Howell has held a number of sales manager or sales management positions with several New Jersey based companies. For the past 17 years, he has worked for a manufacturer of end-of-line packaging systems designed primarily for the dairy industry.

“I worked in a different industry but I have a long history with case packing systems producing wraparound cases, trays, and shelf ready displays from flat banks,” Howell said about his background and familiarity with SOMIC equipment.

“What intrigues me about SOMIC is their use of mechatronic engineering. The precision, timing and smooth movement of a SOMIC system performing in such a small footprint is really impressive. It stands out as something completely different from other systems. There is little doubt mechatronics is the future of our industry and it is very exciting to be part of a leader in that field.”

With sales of SOMIC machines in North America on a record pace for 2019, Howell has some immediate term goals on his mind for the final four months of the year.

“In a short time, SOMIC has gained a significant customer base. However, there are still many companies that are simply unaware of SOMIC,” he said. “There are East Coast manufacturers that I believe can benefit from SOMIC’s unique approach and capabilities, and I will be introducing them to the many advantages and benefits that are available.”

Married with two daughters, Howell in his free time performs with a neighborhood jam band and enjoys off-roading as a member of a local Jeep club. He can be reached via email at

SOMIC Group expands capabilities with acquisition of German mechanical manufacturer

August 14, 2019 – SOMIC Group, the parent company of SOMIC America, has completed the acquisition of MechanikZentrum Schmidbauer. All 35 employees of the mechanical manufacturing company in Haag, Germany, have been retained by SOMIC.

Now known as SOMIC Haag, this division is DIN ISO 9001 certified and will continue to manufacture precision parts for the robotics, optics, aerospace and medical industries. Through synergistic efforts, the SOMIC Group will continue its high quality standards to meet the future growth strategy of the company. Customers and business partners alike are expected to profit from this acquisition.

“The SOMIC Haag acquisition provides us with the additional machining capacity to support our increasing volume of business,” said Peter Fox, Senior Vice President of Sales for SOMIC America.

“This is a welcome addition to our capabilities and is especially beneficial for the North American market. In the last 12-14 months, we have considerably increased sales orders and machine installations. In addition, we continue to add new staff and quadrupled the size of the our Minnesota headquarters to better serve our growing customer base.”

About SOMIC America Inc.
With over 40 years of experience, Minnesota-based SOMIC America Inc. offers design support for cartons, retail-ready and wraparound cases. Many international packaging brands use SOMIC’s advanced mechatronic systems to collate, group and pack open trays, wraparound cases, trays with covers or lid inserts and paperboard cartons. The Parts & Service department is responsible for installation, training and more. Visit for more information or call 651-419-6050.